Orange.Portal 6
Content management system

Orange.Portal 6 is free and open-source content management system written in PHP5/7.

It could be used as a platform for wide range of kinds of websites. At the same time, basic functionality is easy to use.

Fast start of website on Orange.Portal 6 takes less then 5 minutes.


Six reasons to use Orange.Portal 6

  • Free & Open-source

    Orange.Portal is non-commercial project. It is published under the MIT License, so you can modify the code, if you want, and use it for any purposes.
  • Native multilanguage

    You can create multilingual website without any plugins. Support of this feature is implemented in CMS core.
  • Native multisite

    You can use one installation of Orange.Portal for unlimited number of almost independent websites (they will have common sets of modules and themes).
  • Well-protected

    Orange.Portal is protected from most popular attacks: SQL Injection, XSS, XSRF.
  • Flexible theming

    You can extend existed themes and override modules templates in your theme.
  • Great potential

    Orange.Portal is light-weight CMS, so you will not have tons of irrelevant functionality which may unexpectedly affects on functions you plan to use. You can create your own modules and build web-application or website exactly as your want.
  • Page (content) editing form, WYSIWYG is avaliable as module.
  • You can manage blocks with drag-n-drop.
  • Files manager looks pretty and works fast.
  • You can manage content types and create the new ones.
  • Configuration process is simple.
  • Logs are informative and helpful.